Our health care system is in crisis


United States health care spending reached $3.5T in 2016

  • over $10,000 per person
  • no country in the world spends more

In the United States there were 3.95 million babies born in 2016

  • Nearly 26,000 of those children won't live to age 5.
  • Thirty-one other countries in the world have lower infant mortality rates than the United States

60 percent of American adults have at least one chronic condition

  • 42 percent have more than one condition
  • Chronic conditions account for 90% of United States health care spending

(source: Multiple Chronic Conditions in the United States)

This crisis is totally preventable

“…treating illness is very different from producing health.”

– Stephen Bezruchka, author of Early Life or Early Death: Support For Child Health Lasts a Lifetime *


We must break the cycle of disease by creating a new, enhanced standard of care for maternal and child health.  From origins (conception) through the first thousand days of life is a critical stage of development in which pre-disposition to chronic diseases throughout life can be prevented.

* Stephen Bezruchka, Early Life or Early Death: Support For Child Health Lasts a Lifetime


"It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men."

— Frederick Douglass, author, orator, human rights leader (1818-1895)


A successful medical device inventor and team of epigenetics luminaries have joined forces to upend care and treatment during the first thousand days (FTD) of a child's life. Specific attention to nutrition, birthing practices, and breaking the cycle of disease in a child's first two years has been proven to be effective in reducing a child's mortality and the onset of preventable disease.

The end goal is a better quality of life for all. Leading the way to this goal is Origins FTD Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you'd like to do something constructive to change our health care system and its crisis status, please consider donating significantly.




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